The Big Three Circuit

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This workout combines the Big 3 lifts into a smart and manageable circuit-training routine. For best results, you will need three barbells: one loaded on a bench, one on the floor, and another in a squat rack. This could be difficult in a crowded gym, but do your best. (And don’t do this workout in your commercial gym at 6:00 p.m. on a Monday.) Set everything up by putting your belt or water bottle on or around the equipment you’re saving and get moving. After all, if you do this quickly enough (as a circuit should be conducted), you won’t keep the equipment all day.


Load each bar with your bodyweight and perform the below workout. Take no rest time between exercises. Pause just long enough to move from one station to the next. At the end of each circuit, recover for 60 seconds and repeat. Complete up to 10 rounds of the following:


• 3 reps of Bench Press

• 6 reps of Back Squat

• 9 reps of Deadlift


The rep scheme should allow you to finish the workout without changing the weights. People who suffer in a certain lift may find one or more of the Big 3 exercises difficult to handle, but if you have a decent base of strength, you should be able to soldier through. Go ahead and break the set if you hit failure, but perform all the reps. This workout is a great finisher to your already programmed workout of the day (but cut it back to just a few circuits). And if you’re short on time, this workout will get you in and out of the gym quickly, while blasting a ton of muscle fibers and really making you sweat.


Squats, benches, and deadlifts are guaranteed to produce results when done properly and if you have no prior health issues. If you combine these with the scientific results that circuit training produces, you have a recipe for muscle-building and fat-burning success.